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Aidan Brown was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma on May 20, 2010 just days before his fifth birthday. The immediate and constant outpouring of support, prayers and gifts from family, friends and the community continues to help Aidan and our family during this battle.In this spirit and with the help of our dear friends, Michelle Goyer and Seema Verma-Mishra, we have established the Aidan Brown Foundation.

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When we asked Aidan what children in the hospital needed, he answered “visitors.” However, the next thing on his list (and our list) was his iPad. This generous gift from a family friend helps distract Aidan during painful procedures. It helps him pass time at the hospital waiting. It keeps him busy when receiving and recovering from treatments. This small device is loaded with his favorite shows, songs and games. He uses it to track all the stats of his passion...
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Words from the families

Thank you for the iPad that was brought to our son Christian yesterday. It is a very appreciated distraction. Christian was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on the 12th of this month. We will be in the hospital for at least another three days as we start his treatment. He will continue to receive treatment for the next 3 1/2 years. He will be turning four on the 30th of this month. What a kind heart you have! May God bless you and heal you Aidan.

The Parchman Family

Parchman Family

I wanted to sincerely thank the foundation for the generous donation to De’Anthony Wright, especially on short notice! I told De’Anthony and his family about Aidan before I presented the iPad to him and they were in awe. The first words out of De’Anthony’s mouth when I pulled out the iPad were “Thank You Aidan”!! He was extremely excited to receive the iPad and gift card. It is great work that the foundation is doing for all these wonderful kids!

Tom Mayer